Friday, June 1, 2012

Ruffles, etc.

May was such a busy month! But very enjoyable. :-) I can't believe it's already June!

I thought I would show you some little touches I've added to our master bath lately. I love this ruffley, pink hand towel I found at Target the other day!
                                    And this cute bath tub print I found at Lowe's. Love that store! ;-)
 My birthday is in May, so that is probably one of the reasons I have always loved this time of year.
This birthday was extra special because I got to meet some "blogging friends" in person!
 We had such a lovely tea party together. Very sweet ladies! And kids, of course. ;-) They had a great time playing together.
It was a blessing getting to fellowship with these new friends. :-)
                                                           ~ Jessica ~


Miss Melody said...

Cute towel!!!

Oooh, I do so wish *I* could meet several blogging friends in person! *sniff* So exciting though!

Sherry said...

We had such a wonderful time at your Tea Party! Your home is so beautiful...a very shabby chic cottage...I loved every inch!
Our children had so much fun playing with yours! The time of fellowship with you was such a blessing to our hearts! Thanks again! :)
In Christ's love,

Logan Family said...

Love that towel =) you will have to let me know next time you have a tea party =)

Melissa Searle said...

Love your bathroom touches! :) They look great. hehe I am glad you had such a great time on your birthday. Wish i could have been there. :)

Paula said...

Love that towel. I don't often visit Target as it's in an inconvenient location in my town but just may make an exception to look for this towel.

Meeting blogging friends sounds like fun!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Jessica,
What cute little touches for your bath! We are getting a Target here soon. Can't wait! It's so nice to meet blogging friends and a tea party is the ideal setting for it. I am so happy you stopped by for my Anne Tea! It is lovely having you and I hope you will join me again very soon. Have a delightful day.