Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beautifying My Bathrooms :-)

Since I returned from our trip to the USA, I have added some touches to our bathrooms that I thought I'd share with you. :-)

I bought the "Simply Shabby Chic" brand shower curtain at Target while I was in Idaho. The pattern is called Apple Blossoms, I think. Also, I bought the crystal/diamond look shower hooks by the same brand. You can't see the hooks very well in the pictures, though. For some reason they look dark.
We have a seperate shower, so putting the curtain over the bath is purely for decorative reasons, though it does offer some privacy.

In the master bathroom, or ensuite as they call it here in Australia, my friend Melissa and I put up a cute bathroom border that I found at Walmart. Good old Walmart! Haha
We put the wallpaper border over the existing border tiles, which I didn't care for at all. I think this is a big improvement. :-)
There were also a couple of accent tiles, hence the squares of wallpaper here and there. Haha
I had a cute porcelain teapot shade on the nightlight, but it was broken during the wallpaper border project. Extreme sadness! :-( At least I had this little beaded shade to replace it with for now, although it doesn't really fit the light very well.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back In of our trip to Idaho :-)

The Christmas tree at my family's house.
Christmas morning.

Nathanael loves his Levi's from Grandma. :-)

My niece and cousin.

Jason Korda, my dad and my sisters.

Adorable cousins. :-)

Great Grandma's birthday on New Years Day.

The happy couple, Delana and Aaron.

My sister and brother playing in the wedding.

Delana is an old friend of mine. :-) I was so happy to see her get married at last.

Cousin's 3rd birthday. :-)

Nathanael wasn't too sure about the snow. :-)

My family and I doing a Christmas music special at church.

Brunch at a tea room. :-)

We just arrived back home on Friday. We all really enjoyed our visit to the USA. I really miss my family now, though. :-( It seems like no matter how long I'm there it isn't a long enough visit. Nathanael keeps asking to see his cousins. He had such a good time playing with them. I'll have to try to find some little play mates here for him. That might not be easy, however. I'm pretty particular. Haha We shall see. It would be wonderful if some more families with small children join our church sometime soon. I guess we'll make that a matter of prayer. :-)

Hope you enjoyed all the photos of our time in Idaho. :-)