Monday, January 16, 2017

Living Room Sofa Slipcovers! Yay! ;-)

We bought this sofa nearly 10 years ago when Nathanael, our oldest, was a baby! It has held up really well and is still so comfy! But the upholstery is a little dingy and worse for wear now. When we bought it we lived in Australia and I couldn't find a sofa with washable slipcovers. So, I found one in the basic style I liked and thought that when the upholstery wore out I would make or have slipcovers made for it.
 This finally happened, and the slipcovers were finished today by a very talented local lady. Yay! So happy with them! Looks like a brand new Pottery Barn style sofa. :-)
 I think the lighter cream color brightens the room up a lot and since it's an off white, should not get dirty or dingy looking as fast as pure white would.

 Another angle with more of the room. ( I leave the greenery and lights up all Winter to cheer up the darkness of the shorter days.)