Saturday, April 19, 2008

My "Raggy Quilt"

The first quilt pictured is the "raggy quilt" I just finished. It is for keeping warm on the family room sofa. My husband is using it now while watching car racing. Excitement! Haha
The quilt was fairly easy to make. However, you have to make little snips all along the seam allowances (that are on the top of the quilt) so when its washed the raw edges will get all fluffy/raggy. And that really hurt my hands making snip after snip like that. So I think I won't make any more of this style quilt.

The second quilt pictured is one I finished a couple months ago for the family room wall. It is all hand quilted. In fact, I brought it to Idaho on my last trip "home" and my mom and little sister did a little quilting on it. :-) My mom loves quilting, but doesn't get much time for it these days.
Our family room/ kitchen /dining area is one of the most "shabby chic/romantic" decorated parts of our house. Very pink. :-) Which is my favourite colour, obviously. The main bathroom is also very pinkish. And the guest room. It's spreading! Haha

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Having fun with Nathanael's room.

I rearranged Nathanael's bedroom recently, so thought I'd share a couple photos of it. The dresser was on the left hand wall the crib/cot is on now, which wouldn't work after I got the new lamp as there is only one outlet in the room. (Over behind the cradle). I think this layout looks better anyway, so it turned out well. :-)
This is the new lamp I bought for Nathanael's room. It casts a nice soft light over the room instead of the weird light overhead lighting creates.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Autumn is here. :-)

I took this picture on one of our walks to the shops. Aren't the leaves a gorgeous colour? I love all the colourful trees and vines in Autumn. :-) Nathanael and I always enjoy the scenery on our little walks together.
On Saturday we went to a miniature village called Cockington Green in Canberra. It was a beautiful Autumn day, and Nathanael and I had a great time. He especially enjoyed the play area, which had huge doll houses to play with.

Here is Nathanael in front of a miniature church building. :-)

We did some fun shopping in the Gold Creek shopping centre (where the mini village is located)while we were out. There is a quilt shop, a couple of childrens' stores and really nice home decor shops. :-)

Monday, April 7, 2008

A wedding and visitors from Indiana

The 29th of March was the wedding day of my dear friend, Melissa. I was her matron honour and really enjoyed being a part of her beautiful and special day. Pictured above are myself, Melissa and her cousin, Kathy.
Isn't Melissa a lovely bride? :-)

After the wedding, two delightful young ladies from Indiana came to visit us for a week. What a blast we all had together! They left yesterday and we miss them already.
In the picture above, we are on the Clyde mountain on the way down to the coast. It's a beautiful spot. :-)
Here are the three of us at the beach. :-)