Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shades in the Great Room

Because we have such a beautiful view out our great room windows, I wasn't planning on ever having any window treatments on them. However, they are west facing windows, and in the Summer you can feel all the heat coming in during the afternoon. So, to save on air conditioning costs I decided to put some roman shades up.
 That way we can still pull them almost all the way up (see below) most of the day. :-)
 They have a little more of a pronounced pattern than I had in mind, but they were the closest I could find to what I wanted in the price range I was looking for. They were fairly inexpensive from the JcPenney's catalog. The fabric is very nice, but the construction leaves somewhat to be desired.
Ben had quite a bit of trouble installing them, and he is very good at these things. I would have failed altogether. Ha Also, you have to use something pointed, like a pen, to get the string mechanism things into the right place to hold the curtain up. Other than that, they are great. ;-)


Melissa Searle said...

I love those shades! :) Very cute. They look very frenchish to me. hehe ;) Good Job! Look greats. :)

Kelly Logan said...

I love your living room it is soooo pretty! I like the way the shades look when they are up =)

Jessica said...

Thanks, Kelly and Melissa. :-)

maureen said...

I came over from Kelly's Korner and your living room is so darling! I live in Olathe on the Kansas side. And attend a Family Integrated Church.

Welcome back to the USA!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner to check out your window treatments.
I recently changed our master bedroom curtains from tab light blue curtains to chocolate brown blackout. What a positive difference they made.
I still want to purchase something for our patio doors. Maybe I'll get some ideas from my tour!
Great choices on your treatments.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! And I love the flourish fixtures above the windows. :)