Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tour~ The Deck

I decided to do the back deck next in my little home tour, since we just got a table and chairs for it. Pier One has all of their Summer furniture on 1/2 price clearance, so I bought the set I've had my eye on since Spring. We only bought 2 chairs for now, but we have a wicker chair that we use with it, too. Makes it more eclectic, right? ;-)

You can see Ben's trusty little Weber BBQ in this shot. He loves it!
Nathanael, Teddy and I love eating our breakfast and lunch out here. So relaxing.

We drag Teddy's highchair outside for these occasions. My favorite thing about our back deck is the lovely view! Living somewhere that looks like this outside has been a dream come true for me. Missouri is beautiful!

Closeup of the new table and chairs.

The weather hasn't been so hot the last week, so we've been enjoying being outside a lot more.

Hopefully it will stay nice for my brother's visit next week! We are so excited to be able to spend some time with him. :-)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Room by Room Tour ~ The Kitchen

Our kitchen is on the small side for our house size, and a little short on storage, but we love it and it works well for us. :-) Although I love white kitchens, I also like the warm tone of our wood kitchen. It provides a contrast for all of the white and cream furniture in the living areas around the kitchen.

The dishes in the rack are not drying. I display them this way. This has sometimes been misunderstood. ha

I do decorate above my cabinets, but I understand why some people choose not to.

(Sorry about the blurriness in a couple of these shots.)

Well, that's all for today, folks. ;-)

The boys and I explored a local thrift shop today, and I picked up a couple things to decorate/use in the laundry room. So I may be doing a post on that project soon. :-)