Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home Again :-)

We just returned from a great trip to beautiful North Carolina! Where all the roads look like this:
 I thought Missouri was beautiful, until I saw NC. Haha
 This is a view of part of Lake Norman. It is huge. And the State Park is practically right in town. Nathanael thought it was the beach. Hehe As in the beach at the coast. So, he was happy. He misses going to the coast in Australia.
 Teddy had to be held the whole time, as he was a little afraid of all that water. Ha

 I am so blessed to be Mommy to my two sweet, adorable boys.  I just love being a stay at home wife and mother! As a young girl, that was always my dream for the future. :-)
Happy Mother's Day!!

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Logan Family said...

That is Beautiful Jessica =), so glad that your childhood dream came true =) Praise the Lord for a godly career =)