Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Church Makeover! :-)

Left to right: Dan, Lloyd, Melissa, Nathanael and Pastor Ben

Last night we started on the big transformation of our church's interior. My friend, Melissa posted about this project today, too. Haha So for more info, have a look at her post. :-)

First of all is the painting, which is now underway. The ceiling is a dark brown, the tops of the walls are going to be a colour called Ecru, and the bottom part of the walls a colour called Watsonia White. Ben put me in charge of the colour scheme, so I hope it ends up looking good. :-)

The windows will have new wood look blinds and lace valances, which I will pick out soon. But the crowning glory will be new carpet at last! The old, stained orange stuff has been an eye sore far too long. Haha I think the new look in our church building will show people how much we care about the Lord's House, which is very important.

A Lovely Package :-)

Today a really lovely little package came in the mail for me from Candy at A Pretty Home. As well as the beautiful pillow case I was expecting, she also sent some pretty pieces of fabric which I'm sure will come in handy very soon for some of my projects. Thanks, Candy, for all the lovely little things and for your sweet note. :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby Bunnies!

Yesterday we went to our friends' home to see their adorable new baby bunnies. As soon as they are weaned, 2 of them are coming home with us. :-) We ( Nathanael and I) spent a lot of time with them in their little pen, and they seemed to love me. Even the mommy bunny approved of us. hehe
As you can see, Sarah(the cute blonde haired girl) is very proud of her little brood. :-)

So here are a few pics we took. The bunnies are just so cute!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Organizing and cleaning around the house......

Recently I bought a book called "Cut the Clutter", because although our house isn't cluttered I love books about house keeping. And I have found quite a few good ideas for organizing our closets, clothing, etc.

This is a photo of our linen closet after I got done organizing and labeling it. One of the ideas I tried from the book was putting each sheet set inside one of the matching pillow cases.

I just cleaned the newly "decluttered" and organized bathrooms, so thought I'd include some pictures of them. :-) I found a bathroom cleaner by a brand called "Method" that is supposed to be a lot more natural and healthy to use than regular cleaners. Their tub and tile cleaner actually works really well for removing soap scum and mould.

When I went through my clothes closet, I found more clothes to sell or donate than clothes I actually wear! Oh, dear. Haha So we are planning to have a garage sale in a few weeks. Should be fun. :-)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Recently Acquired Romantic Decor

This cute wall shelf unit came as a "flat pack" at Ikea. After I assembled it (which was quite time consuming) I added the rose decal. Can anyone tell I adore teacups? Haha

The kittens on my pink tiered cake stand are actually salt and pepper shakers. I was looking for some in the Old Country Roses pattern, and came across these on sale at Meyer. :-)

The powder room sign I bought at a shop called For Love of Roses in Adelaide. I loved that shop! Hehe

The crocheted lace pillow on our guest bed came from Ikea in Adelaide. They have some good stuff mixed in with all the more modern style decor, which I don't care for, obviously. Haha And very good prices. :-)

The teapot night light I found in an adorable shop called Nest in Adelaide.

We went to visit Ben's parents last weekend, who live about an hour and a half from Adelaide. It was wonderful seeing them again. Nathanael really enjoyed spending some time getting to know his grandparents. And I think they liked that, too. :-)

Our last day in South Australia, we spent mostly shopping, as you can see. :-)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy July 4th and Ben's birthday. :-)

Ben put Nathanael in the soccor balls at Ikea; In the plane on the way to visit Ben's parents in Adelaide; reading with Daddy;watching sport. :-)

Today is a special day to me. It is my native country's Independence Day, and my husband's 36th birthday. My, he's getting old. Haha

Since I'm living in Australia, I guess I won't see any fire works tonight. However, we are going to dinner for Ben's birthday, and I plan to listen to the Marshall Family's patriotic CD . :-)

Above are some recent photos of Ben and Nathanael.