Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrifty Treasures

The boys and I did a little thrift store shopping the other day, as we like to do. :-) We found this train/play table, which was really exciting, because I've been searching for one since Christmas time and had given up on finding one at an affordable price. This one met that qualification, at just $20!
 Teddy and Nathanael both have been having lots of fun playing with their trains at the new table. I knew they would enjoy it, since they always want to play at the one in the Barnes and Noble children's area.
 I still did not have any window treatments for the windows in our lower level. I was kind of enjoying the sparse look for a while. ha But they were a bit too plain, plus when people visit us they often sleep on the sofa bed down there, and there is no privacy or light blockage for them. I got a set of 7 of these panels, just the right length, for $3.50. :-) Of course, I've only used 4 so far.
 I like the scalloped, contrasting fabric at the bottom of the panels:
                   The other side of the room, with a sleeping Teddy Bear nearby. ;-)



Kelly Logan said...

Wow that is a great deal on the table Jessica =)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

What a great deal on the train and table! I remember my local book store had one of those tables too that my brother and I used to enjoy playing with when we were little. Those trains are great too, easy for small hands to maneuver!

The curtains are so pretty! I love the fabric colors and pattern. What a great deal!

Aww! You sleeping "Teddy Bear" is quite adorable! :)