Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spray Paint Transformations

          Several months ago I bought this plate hanger from a local thrift shop planning to paint it later.                                       
 Finally, I got it done! A few coats of vanilla spray paint later, and it is hanging in our bathroom. :-)
 A few weeks ago, I found another long shelf thing at the same thrift store, that I plan to put plates on also, in the dining area. I forgot to take a "before" pic until I was halfway through, but you can see the original color here:
                          The vanilla paint really brought out the rose details nicely:

I can't figure out how to hang this one. I think maybe some parts are missing. So, I am waiting for Ben to help me. ;-)

Don't you love spray paint?


Miss Dashwood said...

I love the rose design!

Sherry said...

These turned out beautiful! Decorating like this gets me so excited! To take something you paid a little for and then transform it into the look you you have a new treasure!
I have always decorated this way, it's an exciting challenge to see what you can create without spending much...especially since I usually have very little to spend! :)
Keep up the good work, your home is very lovely!

Jessica said...

Thanks! :-)

Sherry, we should go thrift shopping together sometime! That would be so fun.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Spray paint can so easily totally change the look of something--I agree, I love spray paint!

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

That's so pretty! I love the plates you hung too!

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

I agree, paint always does such a great job transforming things. I think friends sometimes get tired of hearing me say, "You could always paint that." :)