Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Bathrooms

I am joining in the "Show Us Your Life" party this week with Kelly of Kelly's Korner. :-) The room of the week this time is bathrooms.

This is our ensuite bathroom, which is much smaller than the typical "master bathroom" in the USA. There is no tub, just a shower that isn't in this picture. This is mostly Ben's bathroom, so it works fine for us.
I didn't care for the border tiles used in this bathroom, so I put a wallpaper border over them. haha

The boys and I mostly use our hall bathroom, and it is also the guest bathroom. I decorated it in my favorite color- pink! ;-)

We have only a week and a half left in this house before we leave for the USA. It has been a special home to us and we will miss it, but I am excited about choosing a new home in Missouri!
And decorating it. ;-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Big Move

We have been very busy lately preparing for our big move to the United States! Ben will be pastoring a Baptist church in Kansas City, Missouri.

Although we will miss our friends here, we are so excited about how the Lord has led us, and can't wait to get to our new home in the USA!

We are in the process of trying to sell our house and car at the moment. We will be heading over to the US very soon, and Ben will make a short trip back to Australia in December to tie up loose ends here.

We will get to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Idaho, which will be great. :-) And I'm looking forward to a white Christmas, if the weather cooperates. Haha

I guess I will need to find a new name for this blog, now that we won't be "down under" anymore. Ha

I will keep you posted as I can on the move, our new home and church, etc. We would appreciate your prayers, especially that our house and car will sell soon!
Until next time,