Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Again a Dreamer of Dreams"

In one of my favorite books, "Anne's House of Dreams" by L M Montgomery, I always remember this quaint phrase letting the reader know that Anne is expecting another baby:
" For Anne was again a dreamer of dreams"....

Well, I am happy to convey that I am once again a dreamer of dreams. :-) Dreams of a precious little baby who promises to join us sometime around September 12th this year.
I dream of what this new baby will look like, whether it will be another boy, or a girl this time. I even decorate the baby's nursery in my mind before I go to sleep at night. One version for a girl, and another for a boy.

Ben and I are so excited! The boys were thrilled to hear the good news, although the time until the baby's arrival will seem so long to them.

Mother with Blond Baby, Mabel Rollins Harris
I had this vintage print hanging in the boys' room for several years, and will use it in this new baby's room, as well. :-)