Thursday, September 6, 2012

White Pumpkins and Burlap

As we head into the Autumn season, I have been adding some more neutral tones and textures to our decor, in the form of burlap and other natural looking fabrics.
 I was inspired to make these stencilled pillows after seeing some similar ones on Etsy. So fun and easy to make! The one on the right has a chandelier stencilled on it, in case you can't tell. ;-)

 I made a little burlap lamp shade cover to put on this lamp in our dining area.
 Also this ruffled and frayed burlap table runner. So quick and cheap to make. I was very pleased with myself when I saw a plain burlap (no ruffles) frayed edge table runner in Pottery Barn for $49! haha I made this one for about $5....

I think the white pumpkins look really good with all the creamy natural textures for Fall. :-)
Much easier to incorporate into our color scheme than more traditional Fall colors would be!
                                                          Happy September! :-)

I am joining Richella's "Grace at Home" party.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Boys' Cowboy Birthday Party :-)

Since the boys' birthdays are 5 days (and 3 years) apart, we decided to have a joint party for them this year. With all the kids in our street and one from another street in our subdivision. ;-)
They love playing cowboys, and I came across some cute cowboy party stuff at Hobby Lobby, so that was the theme. We had planned to have the party in the backyard, but some much needed rain changed the venue to the garage.

 Our local grocery store made the cake to match the plates. It turned out so cute. :-)
Teddy snuck and opened a gift when we weren't looking. Ha He was very pleased with it, too! ;-)
                                         We started out with a game of lasso the horse.
                                                          This little girl was the winner.
                                       This fishing for a mouse trap game had everyone enthralled.

 Similar expressions while opening gifts. Ha They were very excited about all those presents!

                                                   Six and three- hard to believe!

We finished the party with a rousing time of hitting the pinata! Which was in the shape of a cowboy boot. :-)

Happy Birthday, Nathanael and Teddy!!