Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spray Paint Transformations

          Several months ago I bought this plate hanger from a local thrift shop planning to paint it later.                                       
 Finally, I got it done! A few coats of vanilla spray paint later, and it is hanging in our bathroom. :-)
 A few weeks ago, I found another long shelf thing at the same thrift store, that I plan to put plates on also, in the dining area. I forgot to take a "before" pic until I was halfway through, but you can see the original color here:
                          The vanilla paint really brought out the rose details nicely:

I can't figure out how to hang this one. I think maybe some parts are missing. So, I am waiting for Ben to help me. ;-)

Don't you love spray paint?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrifty Treasures

The boys and I did a little thrift store shopping the other day, as we like to do. :-) We found this train/play table, which was really exciting, because I've been searching for one since Christmas time and had given up on finding one at an affordable price. This one met that qualification, at just $20!
 Teddy and Nathanael both have been having lots of fun playing with their trains at the new table. I knew they would enjoy it, since they always want to play at the one in the Barnes and Noble children's area.
 I still did not have any window treatments for the windows in our lower level. I was kind of enjoying the sparse look for a while. ha But they were a bit too plain, plus when people visit us they often sleep on the sofa bed down there, and there is no privacy or light blockage for them. I got a set of 7 of these panels, just the right length, for $3.50. :-) Of course, I've only used 4 so far.
 I like the scalloped, contrasting fabric at the bottom of the panels:
                   The other side of the room, with a sleeping Teddy Bear nearby. ;-)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shades in the Great Room

Because we have such a beautiful view out our great room windows, I wasn't planning on ever having any window treatments on them. However, they are west facing windows, and in the Summer you can feel all the heat coming in during the afternoon. So, to save on air conditioning costs I decided to put some roman shades up.
 That way we can still pull them almost all the way up (see below) most of the day. :-)
 They have a little more of a pronounced pattern than I had in mind, but they were the closest I could find to what I wanted in the price range I was looking for. They were fairly inexpensive from the JcPenney's catalog. The fabric is very nice, but the construction leaves somewhat to be desired.
Ben had quite a bit of trouble installing them, and he is very good at these things. I would have failed altogether. Ha Also, you have to use something pointed, like a pen, to get the string mechanism things into the right place to hold the curtain up. Other than that, they are great. ;-)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ruffles, etc.

May was such a busy month! But very enjoyable. :-) I can't believe it's already June!

I thought I would show you some little touches I've added to our master bath lately. I love this ruffley, pink hand towel I found at Target the other day!
                                    And this cute bath tub print I found at Lowe's. Love that store! ;-)
 My birthday is in May, so that is probably one of the reasons I have always loved this time of year.
This birthday was extra special because I got to meet some "blogging friends" in person!
 We had such a lovely tea party together. Very sweet ladies! And kids, of course. ;-) They had a great time playing together.
It was a blessing getting to fellowship with these new friends. :-)
                                                           ~ Jessica ~