Thursday, July 18, 2013

Living Room~ Before and (almost) After

We just finished changing the paint in the living room from a drab sort of yellow to Diverse Beige, by Sherwin Williams.
I really love this color! Even more that the darker version, Utterly Beige, that we used in our bedroom.
I also added some curtains, but I'm not sure this is their permanent home. I think something less patterned might look better in here. They may be moved to the guest room. ;-)
I've hung this quilt on the wall above this sofa in 3 houses now. :-) I think it is my favorite out of the quilts I've made.

We have plans in mind for this fireplace, but they may have to wait a few months. A quick fix that we are considering is painting the bricks the wall color, so they blend in with the room better. And painting the mantle white. Eventually, Ben wants to cover the bricks with white wood paneling and molding. Over the hearth, too. I am afraid of brick hearths once we have another little one crawling around and learning to walk.

For now, we are much happier with the living room, and can move on to all the other rooms needing some paint attention. ;-)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Odds and Ends

I love the built in storage and shelving in our living room, but the knobs left somewhat to be desired.
They were basket weave which looked more suited to an African safari theme or something. ha Not our style. Even Nathanael didn't approve of them. ;-)
I bought 4 pink glass knobs half price at Hobby Lobby and switched them out.
Yes, I do display my American Girl dolls in the living room. ha I make and sell period doll clothing for the AG dolls, and these are my models. I have Kirsten and Samantha from the days of my youth when I actually played with dolls. ;-) However, I still love these dolls so much that Ben gave me a Rebecca doll for Christmas year before last. I need to change them into some of the clothes I made, but haven't had time lately.....
                                          This was our 4th of July look for the front entry:
The Spring/Summer wreaths were on clearance at Hobby Lobby, so I bought this one for the front door while I was there:

                                         The flowers are made out of a burlap type fabric.
Speaking of burlap, I cut some in strips to make tie backs for the neutral curtains downstairs. More light comes in now, and it looks cuter. ;-)

I had to buy some burlap "ribbon" to use on the last two panels, since I ran out of my left over burlap fabric.
Thought I'd show you a couple more pictures of the downstairs family/rec room. How do you like Priscilla's eyes in this shot? haha
                           The boys always have to pose in a shot or two, as well. hehe
The pool table came with the house, for a small price. The previous owners didn't want to have to move it, and Ben loves pool, so that worked out well. Nathanael and Teddy are learning how to play now, too.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Family Room

The family room is one of the few rooms in our new house that we could just move into without any painting, etc. (We did have the carpet cleaned, though.)
 I love all the built in shelves and cupboards in this room. My white TV blends right in. ;-)

 We had planned on putting our big, comfy sofa in this room, that matches the oatmeal colored chair and ottoman, but it wouldn't fit through the doorway! So, it has to stay in the formal living room instead. :-(

Two chairs were not enough when all of us gather to watch Andy Griffith, etc (ha), so after some research we took a trip to Ikea and bought their Ektorp slipcovered sofa. It comes flat packed, as does everything is that store, so there was no trouble getting it into the room. I remembered trying one of these sofas out a few years ago and thinking it was way too firm. However, I was surprised at how comfy this one actually is. Maybe they changed them in the last few years?
The slipcover is machine washable, so we don't have to worry over the whiteness too much. But to reduce the number of times I need to wash it and put it all back on, we do have a "no food" rule in this room. ;-)
I think Priscilla approves of the room. ;-)
 There is a cute little bathroom off of the family room. I love the vanity. It looks like a piece of furniture.
 I wonder how much use this shower will get, though? ha Doesn't seem like it was needed in this bathroom, but I guess we will find out.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Master Suite, before and after

The master bedroom had scuffed up, blue walls and worn out, stained Berber carpet when we bought the house. It also smelled like a dog, since the previous owners' dog slept there.

 Ben painted the walls "Utterly Beige" by Sherwin Williams and we had new frieze style carpet installed. :-) The walls look more brown/tan to me than beige, so that name is not very descriptive of the color.

 I bought the ruffled "Simply Shabby Chic" curtains from Target. I love ruffles. ;-)
                                                     A view into the master bathroom...

                         The balloon shade/curtain is also "Simply Shabby Chic" from Target.
Our master suite now feels very restful to me. And we have both been sleeping better back in our own bed once again. Nothing like your own bed, after all. :-)

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