Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink Pigs In The Kitchen ;-)

For Christmas, my brother, knowing my love for all things pink, sent me a food scraper in the shape of a pig. :-)
As I was wandering down the kitchen aisle at TJMaxx today (have I mentioned that I love that store?) I came upon more pink pig gadgets! Hehe I needed kitchen tongs very badly, so I bought a pair of those, and a cute sink strainer which will prevent silverware from encountering the blades of the garbage disposal. ;-) Too cute, don't you think? Teddy thought so, too. He was my shopping companion. He kept saying "Cute, Mama!" about everything we looked at. Haha

And although it wasn't piggie themed, I bought this pink wire whisk, too. My old wire whisk has a broken wire, so it was time to replace it.

~ Jessica~


Rachel Reynolds said...

Cute! I love pink things in my kitchen too. I love that Kitchenaid whisk. There is a potato peeler in the same pink by Kitchenaid.

Melissa Murphy said...

Love all the pink! I have blue in my kitchen. But it seems like whatever "that" color is for you sure does make cooking fun! :)