Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Changing from Christmas to Winter

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We had a very nice first Christmas in our new home. :-) It was a special time for our little family after being apart for Christmas last year, separated by the ocean!
We didn't get a white Christmas, but we did get some snow flakes the Thursday before Christmas, so we were happy with that. :-)

After Christmas time is over, there are still about 3 months of Winter left. So, since Spring is much too far away to decorate for yet, I wanted to have a few Winterish decorations left around the house after taking down all the specifically "Christmas" stuff.
I added this berry garland to the fireplace, and I really like it there.

To ease the pain of all the Christmas cheer being taken away, Nathanael and I decorated the white tree for Valentine's Day this year! We have never done this before, but I think it is really cute. We found a couple packages of Valentine's heart ornaments at Hobby Lobby, so I guess some other people must do it, too. Ha

I really love this snowy looking wreath on our back door, and it is a perfect example of how some Christmas decor can double as just Winter decor.

I like to have a few lights around the house all year, such as in this tree in the corner of our reading room, by my desk. :-)

Happy Winter decorating! ;-)


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Andrea said...

I couldn't help myself and added some winter and spring decor as well. Everything just looks so bare after the Christmas ornaments come down!

Melissa Searle said...

Very cute. :) Love the Valentines tree. :) Hehe I am going to do one this year aswell. :) With reds, just a little branch tree. :) Have to make some paper ornaments for it. :)
Eveyrthing is cute, as always. ;)
Love you!

Claire said...

Love this! I'm your newest follower from no minimalist here! Happy New Year- Stop by for a visit!!

The Freak Food Gourmet: Mrs. 'Rohmance' said...

Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite - always has been! Cute tree!