Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cardboard Playhouse :-)

On one of our thrifting adventures today, we found a brand new, still in the box, cardboard playhouse kit from JcPenney. :-) It was only $12, which I thought was a good deal. The boys began to have a blast with it from the minute I started putting it together. ha

I think it will take them quite a while to get all the coloring done. Which is good. ;-) I had to keep myself from supervising the coloring too much, and hindering their imperfect creativity. Ha

I think they will get many hours of imaginative play time out of this!

"Bye, bye! Come back soon!" ;-)


Kayla Garcia said...

So fun! :)

Melissa Searle said...

Cute. :) They will love it, and i am sure it will keep them occupied for many many hours! :) hehe