Monday, September 8, 2008

Sewing lesson :-)

Most Mondays Sarah and Jessica Korda come over for a sewing lesson. They are doing really well, and pick things up very quickly. Today we started on some pretty cushions for the girls' rooms. You can see from the photos that Jessica and Sarah share my love for all things pink and floral. :-) It is a pleasure helping such sweet young ladies learn the useful art of sewing. Nathanael has a great time "helping", too. Haha Jessica(left) loves chandeliers, and brought her mini one to lesson today. It looks so cute hanging on my dining chair. :-) She named this little chandelier "Iris". While she was here today, she also started trying to think of names for all the cushions in my house. Haha Hilarious, but very cute.

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Melissa Jane Searle said...

Hehe Looks like they are enjoying it! the fabrics they chose are pretty. :-) Good job!
Jessica is too funny with her ways... She always has me in stitches! Haha Iris is very pretty... Cushions? oh my! Haha