Monday, September 1, 2008

Nathanael's "new" bed. :-)


We were given a single bed about a year ago to use for Nathanael, but I really wanted a white bed to go with the rest of his bedroom furniture. So my good friend, Melissa, and I painted it. I like it much better now. :-) I found the Peter Rabbit bedding on eBay, as well as the Peter Rabbit fabric that I used to make the square cushion. We had the bed all set up in time for Nathanael's birthday party day. I had wanted it all done in time for his actual birthday, but we had a few problems getting a mattress in time.
Nathanael loves his new "big bed". Especially loves jumping all over it. Haha


Melissa Jane Searle said...

The bed looks good. :-) I agree, much better. The cushion is cute too. :-) Good job.
Good that he likes his bed too!

Candy said...

I love it! Love the bedding!
Love Candy :)

I forgot to say in the last post that the cake looks good too :)