Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The pink doll house

Ben, Nathanael and I went to the country towns of Gunderoo and Gunning on Easter Monday, as I had heard about a couple of nice shops there, including a toy shop in Gunderoo. It was a very cute store, and I found a pink victorian style doll house that I loved. I have lots of miniatures and had no where to display them. So Ben, being such a sweet husband, bought it for me and put it together when we got home. :-) I have set all the miniatures up in the house for now, but I will be painting the inside of the rooms and adding curtains, etc. later on.

We also found a cute wood puzzle and blue wood race car for Nathanael, which he enjoys. :-) The puzzle is almost just like one I had as a little girl.


Melissa Jane Newman said...

Coolies! Im glad you finally got one.. as i know how much you really wanted one. Hehe :) Have fun with the painting and all that fun stuff.

mel said...

Hi Jessica!

Congrats on your new dollhouse. :) It's really cute!