Friday, March 14, 2008

Baking soda does the trick!

My kitchen cabinets have looked grimy in spots ever since before we moved in, even though I have cleaned them numerous times. Today, I decided to clean them all again, and was really wearing out my hands trying to scrub them. Then I thought about all the house cleaning books I've read that said what a great job baking/bi-carb soda does cleaning. For some reason, I still never tried it. Haha Well, I did today, and at last the cabinet doors, etc. look clean! I couldn't ever get the sticky, greasy stuff off of the cabinets, extractor fan and wall above the stove top before. I'm probably weird to be excited about cleaning, but that's how I am. Haha

Anyway, here is a photo I took of the newly cleaned kitchen. :-)

This is a closeup of my dish rack, which is full of my vintage/second hand plates. The two in front are my "newest" and a couple of my favourites. :-)

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Melissa Jane Newman said...

Hi Jessica, :-) Hehe
Yep! I can testify that it does the trick too. I took your tip today when i was cleaning the stove and getting all the sticky bits off, it worked a wonder! :-) Good stuff.