Thursday, March 13, 2008

My first post. :-)


I thought I'd use this blog to write about and post photos of my little son Nathanael, and to tell about this and that in our daily lives, as well as post photos, etc. of our house and all the cute things I find for it. (Hopefully at bargain prices. Haha) I love decorating, especially in shabby chic and country victorian styles. :-)

I will post some photos of our "cottage" later on. I am waiting for my dear friend Melissa to help me. :-) Thanks ,Melissa, for all your help setting this blog up and making it look so pretty. :-)

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Melissa Jane Newman said...

Hi Jessica,:-)

hehe Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you enjoy it... ;)
I like your blog, tis prettyful.

Much Love,
Your friend,