Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Kitchen- before and after

The kitchen walls were painted a shade of green that I did not care for at all. It looked sickly to me.

 They are now Diverse Beige (SW) like the rest of the newly painted living areas. Thanks to Ben. ;-)
 I think it's a big improvement!
As far as the rest of the kitchen goes, it was already beautiful and updated when we bought the house. The cabinets are solid maple, and I love the granite counter tops.

 I also love that there are some glass cabinet doors to display some of my teacup and teapot collection. :-)
Since there isn't a pantry in the kitchen, I store all my dry foods in this wall of cabinets. There is plenty of storage space even without a designated pantry. Some of the cupboards are still mostly empty. ha
 Eventually I want to get a little table and chairs for the breakfast space, but I thought for now it would be the perfect place for the baby to swing while I do the dishes, etc. nearby.
I will also add some panels or valances to the windows sometime in the future. But for now, I like them this way. ;-)


Melody said...

Glass cabinet doors! My, my! This house has it all, doesn't it? ;D

The paint does look much better. Heehee. And I adore all the windows in the house. :) Windows are the go.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Melody. :-) Yes, windows are the go. ha We need them in this house to let in as much light as possible, as we are surrounded by glorious, big trees.

Hannah said...

I definitely agree with you! That green is ugly and yes.. sickly. It looks great Jessica!