Friday, August 16, 2013

The Guest Suite- Our Most Dramatic "before and after"!

Don't look at these before shots too long- you might be blinded, or have orange nightmares tonight.
 We are not sure what would possess anyone to paint a bedroom in these garish shades of orange, but I guess there is no accounting for taste. ha
 Ahhh....After- so much more relaxing and serene. No more nightmares. Ben had to fill/putty 40+ holes and marks on the wall before priming and finally painting the room.
 A spacious, beautiful room with great features was hiding under all that orange!
I do plan to add more wall décor over time, but for now the room will function just fine.
 The door on the right is the one of two walk in closets in this room. This one is all shelves. The other one has tons of hanging space and another storage area opens behind it. Great for the boxes I haven't
unpacked in here yet. ha
 We did not have to paint the ensuite bathroom, as it was (thankfully) already a neutral tone. I just added the shower curtain, rug and accessories.

The guest suite is all ready for my Mom's visit starting next Saturday! So far baby has stayed in waiting for Grama, but I'm not sure how much longer he will be so patient. ;-)