Monday, August 12, 2013

Baby's Peter Rabbit Nursery :-) before and after

The previous owners used this bedroom next to the master bedroom as a guest room. Before pictures below:

After Ben gave the room 2 coats of light blue paint, we replaced the carpet with the same "frieze" style carpet we had installed in the master bedroom.
 I added Beatrix Potter wall stickers to make a border of sorts around the room. We also plan to put in white bead board below the border at a later date. Can't get all our plans done before the new arrival. ;-)
    The built in drawers are very handy, as now we don't need a dresser for the baby.

           And the shelves are very nice for displaying Peter Rabbit collections. ;-)

 The baby's diaper bag is all packed and ready for the birth center when the time comes. In the gift bag is a birthday present for the boys to bring for the baby when they meet him for the first time. :-)
 I just set up the crib today- all by myself with no instructions! This was a proud moment in my life. haha
 I made the bumper pads for Teddy when he was a baby, but the Peter Rabbit sheet is new. One of the few things I've ever bought at Pottery Barn. The BABY blanket was my favorite bed blanket I used with Teddy. It's very soft and just the right size.
                         I added some Peter Rabbit touches to the adjoining bathroom, too.

Now we are all ready and can just wait for the new baby to make his appearance. I'm hoping he waits until just after the 24th when my mom arrives. ;-)


Maria Elena said...

What a beautiful home you have! The nursery is just perfect! I am your new follower! :) Have a good week!

Jessica said...

Thank you, Maria Elena! :-)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

So nice Jessica! When my sister was born she had a Beatrix Potter themed nursery area too because her middle name is Beatrix. Your decorations look perfect, so excited for your little family! :)