Thursday, July 18, 2013

Living Room~ Before and (almost) After

We just finished changing the paint in the living room from a drab sort of yellow to Diverse Beige, by Sherwin Williams.
I really love this color! Even more that the darker version, Utterly Beige, that we used in our bedroom.
I also added some curtains, but I'm not sure this is their permanent home. I think something less patterned might look better in here. They may be moved to the guest room. ;-)
I've hung this quilt on the wall above this sofa in 3 houses now. :-) I think it is my favorite out of the quilts I've made.

We have plans in mind for this fireplace, but they may have to wait a few months. A quick fix that we are considering is painting the bricks the wall color, so they blend in with the room better. And painting the mantle white. Eventually, Ben wants to cover the bricks with white wood paneling and molding. Over the hearth, too. I am afraid of brick hearths once we have another little one crawling around and learning to walk.

For now, we are much happier with the living room, and can move on to all the other rooms needing some paint attention. ;-)

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Natalie Land said...

What a cute living room. The colour looks great!