Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Vintage Treasure

This vintage ( I am guessing 30s-50s?) tablecloth was found on a recent thrift store shopping excursion. I have it laid out on the guest bed for display for now. Mostly as it was the best place to have it for photographing it. :-)
Yesterday I had it out drying on the line, and Nathanael asked me what that white thing was. I told him it was a vintage tablecloth and he said" Oh! A treasure!" Isn't he the wise one? :-) Hehe

I think was a good find, although a little more than I wanted to spend at $15.

It is a treasure from the past. :-)


Melissa Searle said...

Aww :) He is a wise one indeed! Haha Good one Nathanael, never a dull moment when he is around! LOL :)
That looks so pretty on the guest bed, i think you should leave it there. Hehe :)

Candy ♥ said...

I absolutely love it! And it looks so pretty on your bed!!