Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back In of our trip to Idaho :-)

The Christmas tree at my family's house.
Christmas morning.

Nathanael loves his Levi's from Grandma. :-)

My niece and cousin.

Jason Korda, my dad and my sisters.

Adorable cousins. :-)

Great Grandma's birthday on New Years Day.

The happy couple, Delana and Aaron.

My sister and brother playing in the wedding.

Delana is an old friend of mine. :-) I was so happy to see her get married at last.

Cousin's 3rd birthday. :-)

Nathanael wasn't too sure about the snow. :-)

My family and I doing a Christmas music special at church.

Brunch at a tea room. :-)

We just arrived back home on Friday. We all really enjoyed our visit to the USA. I really miss my family now, though. :-( It seems like no matter how long I'm there it isn't a long enough visit. Nathanael keeps asking to see his cousins. He had such a good time playing with them. I'll have to try to find some little play mates here for him. That might not be easy, however. I'm pretty particular. Haha We shall see. It would be wonderful if some more families with small children join our church sometime soon. I guess we'll make that a matter of prayer. :-)

Hope you enjoyed all the photos of our time in Idaho. :-)


Melissa Searle said...

Thanks for posting all of the photos. :) There is some great ones amongst them. Hehe Glad you enjoyed your trip, but i am sorry you miss your family so much. :( Understandable though. I will pray for you.
I know, i wish we had some more little kids for Nathanael to play with too. :) That would be neat! Maybe with the Sunday school getting started up again, that will happen real soon. :)
Have a lovely day, and i hope your not too sad.
Love you.

Leah said...

Wow!!! Delana got married! Who did she marry? I'm so happy for her.

Jessica said...

Leah, she married a really nice guy named Aaron Lyman who came to TVBC a little over a year ago. :-)It was a sweet wedding.

Candy-Faith said...

Lovely photos! Glad that you had a nice time back home :)
Thanks so much for the comment you left me yesterday...means more than you know :)
Big hugs,