Friday, August 8, 2008

Lace Around the House

Beautiful vintage lace from eBay now edges the shelf in my dresser, which is full of vintage teacups and a pretty newer tea set.

This lovely runner came from a shop in Brisbane called Canterbury Lace. It looks so beautiful on our TV cabinet. :-)

I just put these lace curtains up at our formal living room window, and at the window in the sewing/reading room which adjoins the living room. They have roses on them (of course) but you can't see that very well in the photos.
I think the lace makes the room feel even more romantic and Victorian. :-)

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Melissa Jane Searle said...

The lace looks so cute. Hehe! I love it, and i like the curtains, they turned out really well! Good Job! Does the cream match well? Hehe