Monday, August 18, 2008

A bit of blue sneaks in...

Usually I'm not a blue person. My favourite colour is pink, obviously. :-) But when I found this cute teacup trio with light blue rims at a thrift store, I really liked it. And since it has pink roses, it will still go with the rest of my china collection.

I made the little lavender sachet out of a pretty fabric with a pale blue background and pink flowers. It will help our closet smell good. Hopefully. :-)


Melissa Jane Searle said...

Looks cute. :-) hehe Even though i dont like the smell of Lavendar all that much, it looks cute! Hehe
I do like Lavendar plants though, which is odd eh? Haha

Candy said...

Hi Jessica :)
Everything looks so pretty!
Im the same as you, I like pink but sometimes other colors sneak in for a little while :)
Love the sachet you made ;)
Love Candy
Thank you so much for the card you sent :) :) That was so sweet.