Saturday, July 5, 2008

Recently Acquired Romantic Decor

This cute wall shelf unit came as a "flat pack" at Ikea. After I assembled it (which was quite time consuming) I added the rose decal. Can anyone tell I adore teacups? Haha

The kittens on my pink tiered cake stand are actually salt and pepper shakers. I was looking for some in the Old Country Roses pattern, and came across these on sale at Meyer. :-)

The powder room sign I bought at a shop called For Love of Roses in Adelaide. I loved that shop! Hehe

The crocheted lace pillow on our guest bed came from Ikea in Adelaide. They have some good stuff mixed in with all the more modern style decor, which I don't care for, obviously. Haha And very good prices. :-)

The teapot night light I found in an adorable shop called Nest in Adelaide.

We went to visit Ben's parents last weekend, who live about an hour and a half from Adelaide. It was wonderful seeing them again. Nathanael really enjoyed spending some time getting to know his grandparents. And I think they liked that, too. :-)

Our last day in South Australia, we spent mostly shopping, as you can see. :-)


Melissa Jane Searle said...

Looks like you had a blast shopping! Hehe all your stuff is cuteness, i esp like the shelf with the teacups. And yes, i know you adore them. hehe :-)
Glad you had a good trip, considering the circumstances. Im sure they loved spending time with Nathanael too, :-)

Candy said...

Hiya Jessica!
I love everything! Its all so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing other peoples homes and decor. So fun!
I love it.
candy :)