Thursday, July 10, 2008

Organizing and cleaning around the house......

Recently I bought a book called "Cut the Clutter", because although our house isn't cluttered I love books about house keeping. And I have found quite a few good ideas for organizing our closets, clothing, etc.

This is a photo of our linen closet after I got done organizing and labeling it. One of the ideas I tried from the book was putting each sheet set inside one of the matching pillow cases.

I just cleaned the newly "decluttered" and organized bathrooms, so thought I'd include some pictures of them. :-) I found a bathroom cleaner by a brand called "Method" that is supposed to be a lot more natural and healthy to use than regular cleaners. Their tub and tile cleaner actually works really well for removing soap scum and mould.

When I went through my clothes closet, I found more clothes to sell or donate than clothes I actually wear! Oh, dear. Haha So we are planning to have a garage sale in a few weeks. Should be fun. :-)


Melissa Jane Searle said...

Looks good! :-) I noticed that book at your house the other day when we were there. Looks like it has some good ideas. Hehe ;-) I have read that too, the pillow case idea before! Its a neat one!
Someone once said that i have too much stuff in our little home, how rude... Haha but i dont think so. :-) Anyhooo, looks good! Keep up the good work. I would be interested to know more tips as you go along. :-) So post about those too!

mel said...

That is a great idea about the sheets and pillowcases! Looks great.

Mrs. Rohmance said...

Ha! Australia has grown on you...I love the way you spelled 'mold' as 'mould'! It's getting to be in your blood, isn't it (or, ain't it)? Take care!

Candy said...

I just love everything Jessica!!!
Candy :)

Candy said...

Hey Jess
I just added you to FB and I deleted that comment you left on my blog with your full name because wasnt sure that you wanted your name out there in blogworld.