Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thrift shop and Boutique "finds".

I made the curtains in our guest room
on the left, from a really pretty bed sheet
I found for $6 at a Thrift/Op Shop. It is so
easy to make curtains when a lot of the sewing
is aready done for you. :-)

This teacup and saucer
wall hanging thingie came
from a cute little boutique
shop in the coastal town of
Tilba Tilba. I love that
town! It's so pretty there.

The doily on the back of the sofa came from an antique shop in another little coastal town called Mogo. It's not an antique, though. Haha
The rectangular cushion on the left was found in a gift shop in the same town.
Our living room actually looks a lot different now as I changed all the furniture around last week. I'll post some pics of that later on. :-)

This cute little hanging candle holder (on the right) was a bargain at a Thrift/Op Shop.
My friend, Melissa and I walked down town from her house a couple weeks ago and went to the thrift shops. Since we walked, I hung the candle holder from Nathanael's stroller for the rest of the time and a couple ladies asked me where I got it. They were surprised at the answer. Hehe :-)


mel said...

Well it looks like you had fun with all that shopping!

Those things look like they fit *perfectly* into your home, too!

Melody said...

Hello Jessica,
When you come back to us all you'll have to take an Auntie and Nephew picture of Nathanael and me and put it on your blog. Oh, and by the way, you use too many
"colour"s in what you write! Come on, show your American spirit! Haha.