Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wallpapering the Dining Room Hutch

 Years ago, when we still lived in Australia, I found this hutch/dresser at a garage sale for $20 or so. We placed it in a corner in our dining room, and one side was facing the wall. I was in a hurry to get it painted, since I hated the bright blue distressed finish it had at the time. So, I just painted the parts that showed. ha When we moved to Missouri, it happened that it could again be placed with the blue side to a wall, so all was well. However, in our current home, the blue side has been showing since we moved in nearly 2 years ago! ha I just now got around to doing something about it.
 Instead of painting the side white, I decided to order some pretty peel and stick wallpaper from eBay to cover the chipping "wood". The wallpaper was in Korea, and after a couple weeks, an opened empty tube arrived in the mail. :-( Thankfully, the seller sent more wallpaper to replace it quickly.
 This little cowboy seems very pleased with the effect. ;-) Can you believe how big he is getting!?
 I papered the other side to match, of course. And I also did the edges, since the edge on the right side was blue...
Now every time I see this hutch, it makes me smile instead of cringing. :-)

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Miss Dashwood said...

The hutch is so very pretty... but I think your little cowboy stole the show. :D