Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mini Makeover in the Master Bathroom

 When we bought our house, there were these gold/brass strips framing the top and bottom of our bathroom mirror. They annoyed me right away, and I wanted them gone, but it took us almost a year to get to it. ha You can barely see the metal strips in the pic above and below.
The vanity was white, which is fine. However the paint was not in good condition, and I thought I might as well make the color contrast with the white counter top since I was bothering to paint it. I used Diverse Beige by Sherwin Williams, since we had it on hand from painting the living areas. It is a shade lighter than our bedroom walls.
 Ben added some trim/molding to the top and the bottom of the mirror to cover up the gold, and I love the way it looks!

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candy said...

LOVE it!!! Especially the pink Simply Shabby curtain.