Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Entry Way, before and after

We have been very busy of late, settling into our lovely new home. :-) I am mostly unpacked now, and Ben is working on the all the painting that needs to be done. Our room and the baby's nursery are all painted, with new carpet installed, but I still need to finish decorating those rooms before I show pictures. ;-)
One "room" that is all ready to show you is the entry way, which leads into the formal living room.
Before, it was a shade of yellowy cream that I do not care for.
 It is now painted Diverse Beige, by Sherwin Williams. It is a soft, sort of greige color, and it has really improved the look of the entry way.
 I also added sheer panels to the windowed part of the door and the sidelight. It adds a little privacy, and also, I was being driven nuts by the smudges and finger prints that showed up so well in the afternoon sun. ha I just couldn't get those windows to look clean at all.
There is a little "mud room" before the entry way. A double door entry sort of thing. Not sure if you can tell in the pictures...
I can't wait until all of the living room and the kitchen are painted Diverse Beige, as well! I think it makes it look so fresh and updated compared to the colors that were in here before.

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Melissa Searle said...

Oh yeah! :) Cool looks good. Like the paint colour, very nice. :) You should paint the door white, too. :) Hehe Looks good!