Saturday, April 27, 2013

A New Name- Again

Well, it's been ages since I last posted, and so many things have happened!

I am now over 20 weeks along in my pregnancy, and my "morning sickness" is finally gone. Yay! It was worse this time, but contrary to popular opinion, this did not mean I am having a girl this time. Our third little boy will arrive sometime in late August or early September. ;-) I was hoping for a little girl. After all, my favorite color is pink. ha But we are thrilled that the Lord is blessing us with another precious baby boy. I can't wait!

This pic was taken from an odd angle, but you get the general idea of how I look at 20 weeks pregnant. ;-)

In other news, we recently moved to the beautiful state of North Carolina. So, I now need to figure out a new name for my blog. Seems like I just changed it, oh, about two years ago. ha

We are excited to come and be a part of a wonderful church here. It has already been such a blessing to us over the two months since our arrival.

Our house in "the heartland" is finally under contract, and we will be (Lord willing) closing on a new house here at the end of May. I am so excited to post all the before and after pics here that we will have soon!  ;-) We will be doing a lot of painting and carpeting a couple of rooms, besides the usual decorating, since it is not a brand new house this time around.

                                      The boys in the front yard of the house we are staying in.

                    Hopefully I will post again sooner next time, now that I am feeling better. ;-)


Melody said...

Whaaaat, you mean you don't want to call it Our Cottage in the South? ;P
Although your house is so large it can scarcely be called a cottage, eh what? Merhaps it should be called a Manor. I think that always sounds romantical. ;)

Maybe you should just change the name to Globetrotter. Bahahaha.
Kidding. ;)

Enjoyed the post! You must come at Christmas so I can see the baby while he's still a baby! :D

Hannah said...

How exciting! I'm glad your morning sickness is done! I have always wanted to visit North and South Carolina. Will you be living in the city or the country? Congratulations on your little boy too!

Kayla Garcia said...

Yay BOY! :) You guys make cute boys ;)

Jessica said...

Actually, I think the "cottages" in JA's stories were quite large. ha
I am certainly hoping to see you all at Christmas! :-)

Thanks. :-) We are buying a house on about an acre in a neighborhood. Our city is not all that large to begin with. I would call it living in the suburbs. ;-)

Thanks, Kayla! ;-) Can't wait to see pics of your soon to arrive baby boy!

Melody said...

Well yes, haha. If we are talking about that time period. :)

SmileyRJR said...

Ooh! Congrats on another boy! :-) I was just saying on the weekend I wondered if you'd found out yet. Glad to hear you are feeling better now. Your new home sounds great. Keep us all posted! xx