Monday, December 3, 2012

O, Christmas Trees

Last Christmas we had three trees- the big real one, the boys' fake tree downstairs, and my small white tree. This year we have a real tree again and the boys's tree downstairs. My white tree turned yellow from the sun. I kept it it out too long last year to decorate for Valentine's Day and Easter. :-/
     The boys had such a fun time decorating their little tree downstairs in the family room. :-)

 We bought a frasier fir from Lowe's this year. Last year we cut a tree down, but they only grow pine trees in Missouri, since it is too hot for fir trees to grow well in Summer. Pine trees just aren't the same, and they poke and scratch me to death when I am decorating them. Ha

 Teddy and Nathanael helped with the real tree, too. Teddy lined up all of these pink balls. It was hilarious. Ha
                                                   Resting after all that work. ;-)

 Some of our new ornaments this year include the violin and this cute bird cloche that Nathanael spotted:

                        Also, I found a tree skirt I liked this year. Last year we did without.
                     This tree smells so good and that will only get better as it ages. ;-)

                                                                 Merry Christmas!!!

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Melissa Searle said...

Very pretty. :) Love your trees, as always. Wish i could come and sit by it with you all cozy and watch a Christmas movie as done in days gone by :) Miss you friend! I have not even put our tree up yet. :( I dont feel a lot like it to be honest, Lol Sad i know... but i guess i will. Might add a bit of cheer! :)

Kayla Garcia said...

Pretty :) We're running behind with the tree this year!

Hannah said...

What a precious time! I love your tree :)