Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tea Sets ~ A Few of my Favorite Things ~

As I was pouring my cup of tea this morning, the thought came to me that I should share my tea things collection on my blog. ;-) I have been collecting tea cups for about 8 years now, I think. My obsession with collecting old and pretty china started early on in our marriage, I know that.
I found most of my cups at thrift and antique stores, as well as eBay, and some are gifts from dear friends.
 I decided to drink from my favorite tea cup this morning. I believe I found it at an antiques fair when we lived in Australia. It is made by Aynsley, an English company. I prefer china made in England, as it is usually much finer quality compared to the Asian brands.
The teapot and sugar bowl I found at Saver's! :-) Great deal for an English tea pot.
 This set has a subtle lavendar colored band bordering the saucer edge and cup rim, and I love cups that have flowers painted on the inside of the cup, as well!
 Some of my favorites sets, including 2 trios (cup, saucer and plate), hang on the wall in the dining area.
 Most of my tea collection is displayed in this white hutch. Which was a garage sale find in Australia for $25! It was bright blue when I bought it. Ha The tea cup and bird print at the top was a special gift from my friend, Melissa. :-) The tea pot at the top I found recently at Homegoods. They have really pretty new china there.
 More of my collection hangs in this cute little shelf I found on eBay. ;-) The gravy boat was from Saver's. I found a lot of cute things there when they first opened in our town. Not so much now.
And my newest tea pot was also from Marshalls/Homegoods. I thought the little bird was so cute!
I haven't bought any tea cups lately as the old ones are a lot more expensive than they were even a couple years ago. Thrift stores are now are charging antique store prices for them. :-( Plus, I am running out of display space. Ha

Hope you enjoyed the little tea tour. ;-)



Miss Dashwood said...

Your bird teapot is so very pretty!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Jessica,
What a lovely collection of china you have. Your teacup is just beautiful and I love your birdie teapot. I have one just like it only a different shape. Thank you for joining me for my tea party this week. My hubby was a pastor too. I am your blog's newest follower. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.


Melody said...

Your tea collection, my dear, is perfectly divine. ;)

Kelly Logan said...

Very cute, your house reminds me of a doll house.....I don't have a tea set =(