Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Has Arrived Early! :-)

It has been so warm this March! I remember last year it was still looking like Winter, so I am very happy it has been so nice. Everything is blooming and getting beautiful and green again. :-)
My "Bleeding Heart" plant is already flowering, thanks to all the lovely rain we have had.

Bleeding Heart flowers...

With all of this nice weather, came bugs and also the need to let the cooling breezes into the house and get some cross ventilation. So, we bought a pretty Victorian/Farmhouse style screen door for the back entrance onto the deck. I love it!!! Ben and the boys (hehe) did a great job installing it while a was out a couple Saturdays ago. :-)

Our baby cherry tree has a few flowers this year. :-)
Hopefully this trellis will have fragrant honeysuckle climbing all over it this Summer! I ordered some along with other plants, from an online nursery. They will probably arrive in April.
From our backyard, looking towards the neighbor's yard. It starts on the other side of the creek....
The boys like to help bring the trash bins back up. :-) It's so cute.


Melissa Miller said...

Hi Jessica,
Very pretty new blooms. It has been a lovely and early spring. Love it!

Warmly, ~Melissa

Melissa Searle said...

Very pretty! :) Love it. I love your door. Its the cutest! :) xx

Logan Family said...

That is such a cute door =) I am so excited about the early warm weather =) Hey what is the name of your church?