Friday, March 2, 2012

The Reading Room

We use our "formal dining room" as a reading room. :-) It is where I have my desk and (new pink) laptop, a bookshelf and now a little seating area.
I recently added words from a wonderful old hymn to the wall above the window. I love having inspirational words scattered in our house here and there. ;-)
I had been looking for a while for a nice upholstered chair to put into this room, to replace the rocking chair that just wasn't working in here. It kept banging the banister behind it, and leaving white marks.
I found the perfect chair at Homegoods! I saw it the minute I entered the store, and bought it right away. It was a good price, too, a lot less than others I had been looking at.But since it is more reddish than the usual pinks in our house, it began to dictate the things that could be near it. Ha The floral lamp shade on the white wicker lamp had to give way to this new tan lamp shade.
(You can see the old lamp shade in the pic below.)
As you can see, the boys love to read on the new chair, and it is where I sit for the songs and sounds part of our kindergarten each day. ;-)
I put an extra dining chair in here as the new chair's companion. ;-)


Melody said...

I love the wall words. That's one of my favorite hymns. =)

Oh, and of course I love that chair too. And the little boy who sits upon it. ;-)

Kayla Garcia said...

Love that song! Where did you get the decal?

Tesha said...

Oh I love your pretty little house, so sweet. What an adventure to move to Australia. I am a pastor's wife in Venice beach CA. I just recently started blogging when our sixth child was stillborn 1-24-12. I am so happy to blog hop today and look into the life of others. I can't wait to check out the doll dresses!

Logan Family said...

I love your Reading Room, Did you make those letters with a cricut or did you buy them like that already?

Miss Dashwood said...

I love those words on the wall! That's one of my favorite hymns as well (and I'm not just saying that tootuz my friend Melody said it).

Um, and if you're wondering why I said "tootuz", it's because Melody kinda-sorta dared me to, to see what you would say. :D