Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changing Up The Family Room :-)

The first two pictures are how our family room looked until about a week or two ago. My sewing area, etc were mixed in with the boys' tent and table at one end. And most of the boys' toys were with the sofa and chair at the other end. So, pretty much what you saw when you walked in the front door and looked downstairs was toys. Not so good, expecially when they weren't picked up like they are in this photo. Ha

I changed the furniture around so that there are now two distinct "rooms" in one big area.

This is now the view to the downstairs from the front door. :-)

Much better!

The toy and school area are at the other end now, where it is also easier to keep an eye on things from upstairs. ;-)

At the other end is the family room seating area as well as my sewing stuff. The seating works much better now for viewing the TV, too. Which didn't matter before because we just recently put a TV down here.

The whole effect is much cozier now, too. Before it seemed like everything was just scattered around a huge space.

The sofa and the pillar divide the "rooms" nicely while still having an open plan feel.

My sewing corner, and the TV cabinet.

The boys love their new play area! :-)

I just started Kindergarten with Nathanael and he loves it! He is doing really well, too. Teddy has even been picking up some things, which is so cute. :-)



The Freak Food Gourmet: Mrs. 'Rohmance' said...

Smart! And you have a very nice home! =)

Kayla Garcia said...

Look how big Teddy is getting! Aww. He's growing all up!

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Your family room is lovely - I like the color on the walls and all the organization! Found you from Thrifty Decor Chick - thank you for sharing your home. We finished our basement this year and I need some inspiration to pull it together :)