Friday, July 22, 2011

Room by Room Tour- the boys' bathroom

Today I will start on a tour of our house that we moved into on the last day of March this year. It isn't completely done being decorating, but well on it's way. Of course, it will probably always be changed a little from time to time anyway. If it was all the way finished, where would the fun be in that? HahaI think Nathanael and Teddy's bathroom is one of the only rooms that my Australian friend, Melissa, hasn't seen many photos of. At least not with it's current decor. So, this post is in Melissa's honor, as she has been requesting more photos. ;-)

I tried not to make this bathroom too feminine, but I couldn't resist adding a couple blue flowers pictures to tie in with the blue and white decor. The boys in my family like flowers, so it's all right. After all, God is a male and he created flowers, so why shouldn't men enjoy them, too? ;-)

We still haven't changed the white towel rail for the ORB one that is still in the cabinet under the sink....
This bathroom is very small, so getting decent pictures was nigh on impossible for me. Ha

So, hope you enjoyed this little tour.


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Melissa Searle said...

Awww how cute. :) Hehe Thanks for dedicating it to me! I only just noticed this post, too. :) Cute bathroom. Hehe Of course! You always have to add your feminine touch. :) I look forward to some more pics! :)