Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trip to Brisbane

L to R: Nathanael reading in our motel room; Melissa Searle, Mariele, Mrs. Dunley, Ben and Jesse D. in the airport; Nathanael with Sarah Korda at the airport.

L to R: Dan Searle and Jason Korda, waiting for Pastor Ben to finish checking in; Nathanael reading with Daddy-I'm not sure how I got this one in here! Haha It was last night in our house. :-); Nathanael sleeping on me on the plane back to Canberra.

About 20 people fom our church went to Brisbane earlier this week for a conference at Good Shepherd Baptist Church. We had a great time ( besides being way too tired out, especially Nathanael). I thought I'd just post the few pictures I took. I forgot to take any at church. :-/