Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Tour~ The Family Room

This is our "white Christmas" themed room. With plenty of pink, as well, of course. ;-) I made all the pillows except the white ruffled one on the left of the sofa and the "peace on earth" pillow on the right, both of which I found at HomeGoods- my favorite store. ;-) Both of the comfy throws are from HomeGoods, too.

 I love these pastel, sparkly Christmas house and church! :-) And the pretty bottlebrush tree....

 This electric fireplace isn't just pretty, it adds some much needed warmth to our family room. The heating/air ducts are smaller in here making it chillier than the rest of our house.

I am hoping to do tours of some more Christmassy rooms in our house soon. :-)

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Peggy said...

Sometimes ducts have a door/valve inside them with an external handle that you can adjust to let more air through...if the ductwork is accessible.

I like the white tree!