Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Details and 101 Posts!

Hello Friends! :-) We are finally in our new, although nearly empty new home. We love it and are so excited to live here, and get to know the neighborhood and area. We are really enjoying our new church and getting to know the special people who are part of it. We had a "Bring a Friend Sunday" last week, with around 35 visitors and 2 people accepted the Lord as their Savior! What a blessing! ---------------------------- We have been very busy around the house, starting to do little things to make it our own. :-) I wasn't overly fond of the plain white towel bars in the bathrooms, as they didn't seem to go with the oil rubbed bronze finish on the light fixtures and door hardware. So, here is a little before and after for you. ;-) Before: After:
Ben installed the new double rail, which wasn't easy because of a defect in the kit. I got the cheaper set from Walmart. Oops! Haha But with some extra drilling, he made it work.

Plant shelf and pretty light fixture:
Gorgeous ceilings:
There wasn't anywhere to hang hand towels, so Ben installed these towel rings in both of the upstairs bathrooms. We found them at Target.
Master bathroom spa tub! (and Teddy)
Shower and "toilet room"
Double vanities:
The boys' bathroom:

Obviously I am not done decorating their bathroom yet, but I think it looks pretty cute so far. :-)

I will post more pics of our new home once our furniture arrives from Australia- hopefully next week!

I just noticed that my previous post was my 100th! In honor of that, I would like to do something a little different (and hopefully fun) and ask anyone who ever reads this blog to leave a comment and let me know you are there. :-) I would love to hear from you!



Mrs. Rohmance said...

I'm here! I'm here!

Melody said...

I'm here too! (Although I might have put that at the top, so everyone would see it. ;-) )

And I like those pictures! (Especially the one with Teddy!)

Melissa said...

I am here! Haha ;) But you knew that already. :) I love all your touches, lovely! Beautiful. And i cannot wait to see everything set up. Hehe What fun!!!! :)

ME said...

I'm here :D Love your new house, it's beautiful. We are looking at getting a house too, your posts make me excited about it!! ;D Have fun decorating an empty palate, hope your furniture gets there soon!

Bus Driving Mama said...

I love your house! It looks so big compared to your house in Australia. Can't wait to see how you make it all warm and home-y :). Teri Woods

Julie said...

G'day Jessica, wow, congratulations on your lovely new home, it's gorgeous, and I'm sure you'll have it looking so homey in no time. Glad you're getting all settled, and that Ben can finally be with you all. I assume your house sold here in Australia. May God richly bless you all as you seek to serve him in Kansas City. Easter hugs and blessings, Julie.