Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Bathrooms

I am joining in the "Show Us Your Life" party this week with Kelly of Kelly's Korner. :-) The room of the week this time is bathrooms.

This is our ensuite bathroom, which is much smaller than the typical "master bathroom" in the USA. There is no tub, just a shower that isn't in this picture. This is mostly Ben's bathroom, so it works fine for us.
I didn't care for the border tiles used in this bathroom, so I put a wallpaper border over them. haha

The boys and I mostly use our hall bathroom, and it is also the guest bathroom. I decorated it in my favorite color- pink! ;-)

We have only a week and a half left in this house before we leave for the USA. It has been a special home to us and we will miss it, but I am excited about choosing a new home in Missouri!
And decorating it. ;-)


Abramyan Avenue said...

I really like your pink bathroom! The shower curtain looks really pretty! IF my husband would let me I would have a pink bathroom too!!

sfloyd said...

Where in MO?

kelly, said...

Love the pastels. So serene and looks nice with your title page. Wish i could have done something like that but the look of our home didn't permit it.

Rona's Home Page said...

Love having 2 bathrooms.

Julie said...

I came here from Kelly's, only to find you're here in Australia, although i understand not for long. I'm an aussie, used to live in the Southern Highlands at Bowral near Moss Vale, and I know you've found some treasures there from reading your blog. We (my hubby, kids and I) were born and bred in Sydney but my eldest daughter is married to an American doctor and lives in Michigan with their two beautiful boys. Praying the Lord will bless you as you make the move back home, and I hope you get your white Christmas. On our last trip to the US we experienced a beautiful white Christmas. Hope Qantas takes you safely across the Pacific puddle. God bless, Julie.

sfloyd said...

KC is 3 hours north of Springfield...I love KC! Great choice!

Julie said...

Hi Jessica,
I hope you and your family are feeling more settled since your recent move back to the US from Australia. I keep checking your blog to see if you've updated. Trust all if going well.

We've been having lots of rain (floods) and very hot weather here in Oz which I'm sure is very different to what you're now experiencing there.

Praying the Lord will bless you and your family at your new church. Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas,
hugs and God bless,