Thursday, June 17, 2010

Modern Apartment Tour

Earlier this week, we went up to Brisbane, Queensland for a church conference. I thought you might like to see our apartment in the apartment complex/motel we stayed in for 2 nights. It is a very modern style that is popular here in Australia, which I thought might interest my American readers. ;-) It's not at all my style, but it was a nice, new, clean place to stay. Teddy loved the cushy rug. :-)

Open plan kitchen, living and dining.

Closeup of the kitchen.

Outdoor dining on the huge balcony.

Another outdoor living space.

The bathroom.

Master Bedroom- the bed was very comfy. :-)

The boys' bedroom

So, what do you think? Could you live somewhere like this? Although it is far too stark for my liking, I think I could make it livable with the addition of some pretty rugs, pillows, pictures, quilts, etc. And of course a good dose of pink. Haha

I will leave you with some cuteness- our friend Sarah, and the cutest little Teddy bear ever. ;-)


Leah said...

I love the rug too but way to modern for my taste! Thanks for sharing.

Melody said...

I think if I lived there I would change a great deal! "stark" is a very appropriate word. =) I like your house far better!

I love Sarah's skirt! And Teddy is so cute, as always. =)

Melissa Searle said...

Its very modern! I remember that apartment well. Hehe It looks like the one that the Kordas stayed in last time! Haha :) Funnyness. I guess it could look cute though. :) I think a french theme would look good in it, with black and white damask and things. Hehe :)Your right, rugs would make anything look good! :)

Melissa Miller said...

Jessica it is so crisp and modern! What a darling little baby Teddy is. So sweet! *Smiles*

Candy ♥ said...

love it!!!