Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tour of Our Home

Welcome! I am so excited to be taking the readers of Poppies At Play http://poppiesatplay.blogspot.com/ on a tour of our home! We bought our "cottage down under" 3 years ago, and have taken it from a very plain modern look to a much more romantic look, mostly using paint and many decorative touches. Nothing structural. We have also added quite a few trees and flowering plants to the front and back yards. In fact, we named our house "Daphne-Rose Cottage" in honour of the many rose and Daphne bushes. :-)It is late Autumn now in Australia, so the yard is not at it's most exciting. Hence, no photos of the yard today.

Let's start with the formal living room. This is one of the rooms in our house where we have used dark colors and wood. It has a very cozy feel. :-) I hung curtains at the entry to the living room from our sewing, reading and play room.

This fireplace mantle is one of the few antiques in our home. I just love it's shabby ornateness, even though we don't have a fireplace. Haha

In the kitchen and dining/family room, I have used my favorite color scheme- white, cream and pale pink. :-)These rooms are very "shabby romantic".
Ben is working on changing all of the handles to the pink glass ones. :-)
I made most of the quilts and pillows, etc. in our family room.

Our white dining table was a special Christmas gift last year.
Ben drove a 5 hour round trip to pick it up for me. :-)

My sister painted the beautiful picture above our TV cabinet.

We have used a lot of dark wood in our master bedroom. When we bought our bed 6 years ago, I liked it, but Ben loved it!

I'm a fan of using "fairy" lights around the house at all times of year. ;-)

I love our very feminine, pink guest room. ;-) We actually decorated it while I was early in my pregnancy with Teddy, and if he had been a girl, we planned that the baby would have this room.

The main bathroom is adjoined to the guest room.

The boys' Peter Rabbit themed bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house! Partly because I love our babies so much, and loved feathering their little nest, and partly because it just feels so relaxing in there.

My friend, Melissa, made this lovely collage for me. :-)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour, and that you will all come back to visit me again. :-)


Melissa Searle said...

Oh my! What a beautiful home you have. Sheesh, it looks awfully familiar to me. Hmmmm, Im sure i know you!! hahahaha...
Sorry, just had to be silly. :) Your home is beautiful though. :) And much better in real life! :)

Andy Porter said...

Your home is beautiful! You've added so many lovely touches! I love your white cabinets and dark counter tops. I also love that picture collage with a ton of frames. Thanks so much for the tour!!


Melody said...

Very nice! =) I loved staying in that guest room!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love the couch in your family room!! So pretty. :) Thanks for the visit today!

Kimberly said...

Absolutely beautiful and romantic. Love how romantic it is. Would make a fabulous "Bed and Breakfast" someday :)

Candy ♥ said...

Ive always loved your home. Its honestly one of my very favorites.

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Lovely photos! I love the white kitchen. Have a great day.